Anton McClure • September 19, 2021

General, Testing

Using the “catgirl” IRC with Multiple Servers (Kind of)

Anton McClure • June 20, 2021

Technology, IRC, Catgirl, Causal.Agency, Small Tech

Google Adds Rust to the Linux Kernel

Anton McClure • April 16, 2021

Technology, Google, Android, Linux, Rust Language

Should I Own My Name's Domain and/or Have a Personal Website?

Anton McClure • April 15, 2021

Technology, Internet, Website

Backups Are Important

Anton McClure • March 22, 2021

Technology, Computers, Software, Backups

Keeping Your PCs Secure in 2021

Anton McClure • March 14, 2021

Security, Cybersecurity, Windows, macOS, Linux, Internet

(How) I Gave a Bash SSG “Seamless Updating” Functionality [With Source Code]

Anton McClure • January 9, 2021

Technology, Software, Free Software, Code One Year Later

Anton McClure • January 2, 2021


Windows 7 Support Ended Nearly A Year Ago, and It Stills Has Holdouts

Anton McClure • November 12, 2020

Technology, Microsoft, Windows, Support, Business

It's About Time We Rename Our Git Repos' Primary Branches from Master to Main

Anton McClure • November 3, 2020

Internet, Git

(Why) You Should Not Use WordPress

Anton McClure • October 21, 2020

Technology, Internet, Alternatives, Security

Oracle Gets Chosen as TikTok's Secure Cloud Provider

Anton McClure • September 20, 2020

Oracle, Technology, Media, TikTok, Current Events

We Need to Address These Preventable IoT Security Problems

Anton McClure • September 16, 2020

Technology, Cloud, Internet, Security

Trump Administration to Consider the ByteDance-Oracle TikTok Deal

Anton McClure • September 15, 2020 ~ December 11, 2020

Oracle, Technology, Media, TikTok, Current Events

Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok Operations in the US

Anton McClure • September 13, 2020

Oracle, Technology, Media, TikTok, Current Events

Opinion: COVID-19 Isn't Going Anywhere, So Schools Must Not Reopen

Anton McClure • August 10, 2020

COVID-19, Opinion

Bootstrap 5 Alpha is Now Available - Here's What's New

Anton McClure • July 15, 2020

Technology, Internet, Bootstrap, Archive

How Software as a Service (SaaS) Can Improve Your Business

Anton McClure • July 1, 2020

Archive, Technology, SaaS, Business

Zoom Free Users Will Not Have End-to-End Encryption

Anton McClure • June 4, 2020

Technology, Encryption, Alternatives

Microsoft Gives Linux and Android a Significant Security Upgrade

Anton McClure • June 24, 2020

Android, Linux, Microsoft, Security

Making the Web and Its Content Accessible for More People

Anton McClure • June 14, 2020

Internet, Accessability, Web

(Why) I Won't Use WordPress, and Why You Shouldn't Either

Anton McClure • June 5, 2020

Technology, Alternatives, Security, Internet

We Need Justice for George Floyd

Anton McClure • June 3, 2020

Breaking News, Justice, Social Change

(Why) You Shouldn't Home-Host Your Server

Anton McClure • May 29, 2020

Technology, Servers, Hosting, Internet


Anton McClure • April 27, 2020 ~ June 26, 2020

Archive, Opinion, Technology

Windows 10 Update Breaks Google Chrome Security

Anton McClure • April 26, 2020

Technology, Security, Google, Microsoft, Windows

Regarding COVID-19

Anton McClure • April 8, 2020

Health, COVID-19, International

Privacy Matters

Anton McClure • March 12, 2020

Privacy, Technology, Archive


Do Paywalls Work

Anton McClure • February 27, 2020

Technology, Media, Internet, Archive

Is DNSSEC Adoption Worth It

Anton McClure • February 11, 2020

Technology, DNS, Cybersecurity, Internet

Microsoft Launches New Edge Browser

Anton McClure • January 16, 2020

Technology, Internet, Microsoft, Windows, macOS, Linux

Windows 7 Support Ends in 1 Day - What Options do Windows 7 Users Have

Anton McClure • January 13, 2020

Technology, Microsoft, Windows, Support, Business

Resignation from Zenith Shell Provider and Web Host (formerly Summit Tilde)

Anton McClure • January 10, 2020

Archive, General, Tildeverse

How I Got Clean URLs For My Blog

Anton McClure • January 9, 2020

General, Technology, Code

New Blog

Anton McClure • January 2, 2020


Google Plans for Android to Use the Regular Mainline Linux Kernel

Anton McClure • November 20, 2019

Technology, Google, Android, Linux

Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Has Died at Age 62

Anton McClure • October 18, 2019

Breaking News, Oracle, Current Events

(Why) The Future of Technology Lies Within Software as a Service and the Cloud

Anton McClure • September 27, 2019

Technology, SaaS

Thunix is Now a Part of Tildeverse

Anton McClure • November 16, 2018

Archive, Tildes, Tildeverse, Thunix, Open Computing