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If you couldn't tell, I (still) don't know what to use this domain for besides email and random files.

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Hi, I'm Anton McClure. you may remember me from such websites as and (this site). I'm studying Computer Information Systems at the University of Akron. I am experienced in system administration, technical support, software development, and web development. During my free time I enjoy coding in, Python, BASH, PHP, writing HTML, working on projects with friends, gaming, chatting on Discord, making music, and more.

This site is a directionless collection of (s)html files, as well as a varied assortment of documents in various file types. I've kind of given up on having a personal "standard/modern" website. Too much of my work on the site became maintaining buggy legacy PHP code, and I did not want that to continue being a thing.

Expect some new .(s)html .docx, .odt, .pdf, and/or .txt files to become available in the near or distant future.



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